My name is Alex Bruckner and I am a TV news cameraman.

For nearly three decades I had the pleasure to travel in the company of my colleagues from the American TV network ABC NEWS all over the world. We saw the best and the worst human beings are capable of  but I also had the privilege to work with the best correspondents and anchormen at the time like PeterJennings and Ted Koppel

I was amongst the first cameramen to film Nelson Mandela  after 27 years of imprisonment, being interviewed by Ted Koppel in Soweto, South Africa.  

We traveled with Lech Walesa who fought the communist regime to become Poland‘s  first leader of  a free trade union called „Solidarnosc“;  we saw the Eastern Block countries get rid of the communist regime in Rumania, in East Germany, in by then Czechoslovakia and Hungary – but we also experienced the horror of war and destruction in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, The Congo, Kuwait or Iraq …

Until today many of the images my camera caught are stored in the collective memory of the American people .

Please enjoy a few pictures behind the scenes with Peter Jennings and Ted Koppel „reporting from ….“

Travel log

Afghanistan 2002

The Congo 2001 – 2002

Heart of Darkness

In Memoriam

No Fly Zone Iraq 2002

Kurdistan 2002

Djibouti 2002

USS Abraham Lincoln

USS Independence

Invasion of Iraq 2003

Tip of the Spear

Baghdad 2005

Other Locations

all pictures © franziska & alex bruckner


National News and Documentary Emmy Awards

A Line in the Sand
World News Tonight with Peter Jennings
ABC News 1990

The Making of a Summit
ABC News 1994

Heart of Darkness
Nightline & Ted Koppel
ABC News 2002

Alfred I. Dupont-Columbia University Awards
for excellence in broadcast journalism

Heart of Darkness
Nightline & Ted Koppel
ABC News 2001 – 2002

Tip of the Spear
Nightline & Ted Koppel
ABC News 2004

Life Coverage of the Death of John Paul II
and the Election of Pope Benedict XVI

ABC News 2004 – 2005

Edward E. Murrow Award

World News Tonight
ABC News 2005

Cine Golden Eagle

Mercy or Money
Turning Point
ABC News 1995

Peabody Award

Heart of Darkness
ABC News 2002